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Discovering the right media professional is not a challenge; it's a strategic choice. When you're seeking an industry expert who comprehends guns, gear, and tactics, the pool of quality military and law enforcement personnel to pick from is vast. The same holds true for photographers; there exists an abundance of highly skilled media professionals in the field.

However, what truly sets someone apart is the rare combination of both skill sets.

Meet Jason, a professional with a remarkable fusion of nine years in law enforcement and over 10 years of marketing and photography expertise. Jason's journey began as a Deputy Sheriff in Central Florida, where he honed his skills in various roles, including Patrol, Field Training Officer, Street Crimes, and the Tactical Anti-Crime Unit. He conducted over 200 violent fugitive investigations and apprehensions as a dedicated member of the Tactical Surveillance Squad. In 2015, he decided to retire from law enforcement and channel his passion into his wedding photography company alongside his wife.

Now, Jason has harnessed his profound law enforcement background, marketing mind, and photography finesse to craft exceptional content that will elevate your brand effectively. With his unique blend of talents, he is your ideal partner for achieving success in the media world.

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